Growing energy needs, the introduction of renewable sources, the rise of e-mobility, and new regulatory trends require rapid development and digitalization of electric utility companies. Big data and advanced analytics approaches play a central role in this digital transformation.

Advanced analytics and big data in Energy & Utilities

The amount of data that companies manage today is growing exponentially, while at the same time becoming more and more fragmented within the organization.

In this context, proper storage, processing, analysis, and visualization of this data brings real added value and enables the modern utility to fine-tune operations, support decision-making, development, and optimize infrastructure investments.

Often the traditional approaches of handling, analyzing and using the data are insufficient or impractical to use - this is where the modern big data approaches shine.

The implementation of advanced analytics and big data platform enables total control over the information, crucial for the utility company success.

With advanced analytics, utilities can improve network performance, increase reliability, reduce costs, and optimize other key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with power generation, transmission, and distribution. 

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics provides deeper and more detailed insights into all types of data and content, using advanced techniques and tools, that go beyond traditional analytical procedures. It includes areas such as data/text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, prediction, visualization, semantic analysis, sensory analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing and neural networks. 

The field of advanced analytics alone cannot be considered on its own, as the field is highly dependent on data collection and management, as well as on a specific industry. Within advanced analytics, several other areas and technologies are emerging, which also need to be considered in development. These areas are: 

  • Data management with a full set of technologies for BigData management (NoSQL, BigData, Data Lake, ELT/ETL, IoT...),
  • Data visualization with the help of BI tools, 
  • Data mining with advanced analysis techniques
  • Implementing advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Big data

Big data is an organized collecting of data necessary for detailed analysis, followed by the identification of sample relationships between factors and based on the findings, making business decisions for the future of the company's operations. It is a set of data whose size, speed, or diversity exceeds the capabilities of traditional database management methods. 

We offer BigData / Advanced Analytics solutions for different use cases: 

Load analysis and demand responses


Smart meters make it possible to detect overload problems in real time. The processing of such data enables: 

  • monitoring customer behavior, 
  • detection of consumption trends, 
  • matching power supply to demand, 
  • quick response to problems. 



Network operation control

With the help of smart meters and transformer station data analysis, it is possible to identify various events on the networks, which helps reduce losses and improve quality of electricity supply:

  • detection of signal disturbances, 
  • voltage monitoring, 
  • detection of technical losses and theft, 
  • transformer overload detection.  


Error detection and workforce optimization

The use of advanced systems enables faster detection of power outages causes, with the help of created error maps. Access to real-time network operation data increases worker productivity in the field and better resource allocation.



Renewable energy

The smart grid includes obtaining energy from renewable sources, especially solar and wind energy. The production of energy from these sources is significantly affected by the weather. The use of advanced weather data analytics and GIS data enables more accurate and efficient forecasting from energy from renewable sources.



With more than 10 years of experience working with various stakeholders in the electric utility industry, we speak your language.
The industry knowledge coupled with concrete experience implementing big data and advanced analytics solutions for the utilities have proved to be winning combination driving our customers’ success. We have hands on experience working with various data sources and systems specific to the industry, leading to high quality solutions and continuous improvement of data management capabilities.

To facilitate the development of the advanced analytics solutions, we have partnered with Cloudera, as provider of the software platform.


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