Energy and utilities companies are facing changes in their industry and need to optimize asset reliability and adapt to rapid market changes. New trends in the energy and utility industry are reshaping its marketplace.

New trends

New technology, fundamentally changing business models and smarter grids are generating new challenges and opportunities. 

To stay competitive companies must improve their performance.
Challenges like enhancing efficiencies and productivity, getting better customer insight and tightening security are common to organizations from all industry areas.

Helping organizations respond to new market changes

Operational efficiency and increased flexibility are crucial to helping these organizations respond to new market changes and demands, improve cost-effectiveness and respond to changing regulatory, safety and security requirements. But energy & utility companies also have more specific challenges to their industry which require better use of enterprise information and assets.

The decision for asset and workforce management in the energy sector is maximizing asset performance, improving workforce productivity and safety, and reducing costs. It also supports enterprise service transformation with a focus on streamlining and optimizing operations, and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Benefits of improving asset management with our solutions and automating business processes


  • Maximize the value of assets and streamline operation
  • Extend the useful life of assets
  • Generate significant time and cost savings
  • Maximize overall productivity
  • Improve control over internal processes
  • Capture critical information
  • Achieve regulatory compliance through business processes management, auditing and reporting

Information from assets and business processes is essential for energy producers.



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