Governments as well as industry are facing digital disruption. Globalization, mobility, constant changes and flexibility to new conditions and environments are just some of the external forces present and reshaped by IT. It takes time for governments to discover how to achieve sustained success.

Delivering Public Services

The public expects the agility and efficiency used in the private sector, and governments must embrace new technology, processes, ideas, and workforce skills to thrive.

One major challenge for government is to move quickly to a digital-first mindset, while still maintaining high standards of data protection, security and reliability.

The time has come for a different approach

Governments spend lot of time doing the same tasks the way they always have, regardless of efficiency. Advances in technology have accelerated the need for change in how governments shoud operate in the future.

Governments need to transform to deliver the services citizens want and need digitally. The expectations are also that the government takes care of their assets while adhering to tight budgets.

With our support the government can deploy IBM® Control Desk to manage its private cloud-based IT services and assets, indirectly enabling huge savings and faster response to citizen queries.

The business solutions for government

Solutions focuse on public management issues facing government executives at different levels and segments.

  • Borders, customs and immigration
  • Defense and intelligence
  • Social programs
  • Infrastructure and citizen services
  • Public safety and policing
  • Tax and revenue management

Key areas for supporting services to the public

  • Automation (optimizing existing services and dedicating budget for other future services)
  • Data collection and analytics (use of existing data for integration of public services)
  • Digital government platforms (accomplishing more in less time)

Digital solutions, including a digital core, can create better integrated, more efficient systems — the kind of policies that help governments transform and deliver better outcomes for their citizens. 

We work with governments to design new digital services, upgrade and enhance their existing technology platforms, along with supporting and maintaining their underlying, core legacy systems for improved resilience and availability.




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