For a better shopping experience it is essential to understand and engage customers. With the right retail solutions, you can build a smarter merchandising and more agile supply network to better understand consumer trends. Optimizing basic operations improves performance and operational efficiency.

Digital Retailers

We offer a broad set of IT services to fit the requirements of retailers. By unifying communications and business applications across all systems, decision-making is made simpler while infrastructures becomes more productive.

Digitalizing the whole supply chain, optimizing inventories and delivering new services for customers are just some of main challenges within industry.

A fast transformation

New born-digital retailers are entering the market as well as manufacturers and wholesalers looking to expand their reach. Moreover, a whole new wave of digital disruption is already emerging in this sector – our Internet of Things (T-IoT) platform and Augmented Reality (T-AR) platform, for example. 

Both IoT and AR enhance the shopping experience and offer an entirely new take on how retailers engage with customers. 

Key benefits of AR technology for the retail sector


  • Retailers can create immersive product catalogs with preview options
  • It provides customizable UX content that matches user needs
  • It reduces product return rates, saving money on returns since customers can decide whether they like items before buying
  • In-store navigation is easy and informative so that shoppers don’t get lost or confused
  • It creates powerful presentations for products, appealing to human emotions with sensational interactive experiences

The retail industry is seeing a fast transformation, with the IoT and AR solutions taking center stage in the sector. This  helps increase customer loyalty, boost sales, offer a personalized experience and improve inventory management.




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