Banking and insurance businesses face new challenges as higher consumer expectations speed up the digital transformation of financial services. As Internet access is available on all mobile devices, and with IoT becoming commonplace, these companies must reconsider how they work with their customers.

Digitalization in Financial Services

Banking and insurance markets are facing challenges like financial risk, fraud and financial crimes, governance risk, compliance, and security. IBM ControlDesk is the perfect solution for managing these challenges.

To better manage all these challenges, these markets need to streamline operations, adding new offerings and improved experiences to improve performance and the customer experience.

Sectors going on a digital core can see reduced costs and streamlined processes

Going digital has also affected the workforce, with automation sometimes resulting in layoffs and staff reductions. However, there is a growing demand for data scientists with banking and insurance experience — a skill set not easy to find in today’s market.

Big Data opportunities

Big Data provides significant opportunities for bank and insurance companies to outshine their competition.

Moving data onto a cloud platform offers a 360-degree view of every customer. This profound insight shows banks where they can provide a higher level of service and create more value.

Big Data also allows the use of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, the blockchain and IoT to map the customer journey and gain a competitive edge.

Unprecedented opportunities to change and improve

With our solutions, banks & insurance companies have many opportunities to improve how they provide their services. 

  • Collaborate with financial technology partners to develop digital products
  • Provide customers with seamless real-time, multichannel digital interactions
  • Build an open and agile platform that makes it easy to meet regulatory requirements
  • Simplify and optimize business processes through standardization, optimization and adoption of cloud solutions
  • Innovate with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and blockchain

Leveraging innovative capabilities in a cloud deployment can not only speed up digital transformation initiatives but also deliver business-wide process improvements as well.



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