Elektro Maribor: Working with Troia d.o.o.

We have been working with TROIA d.o.o. for over two years now, and the relationship and collaboration between our companies have been excellent. When we started looking for EAM solution in 2017 we decided to make a pilot project to implement parts of IBM Maximo. In a very short span of time Troia d.o.o. in collaboration with Informatika d.o.o. managed to finish the pilot project on time. That gave us enough time and experience to make a well-thought-out decision about final EAM implementation.

In 2018 we have decided to implement IBM Maximo as our main EAM solution. Again Troia d.o.o. in collaboration with Informatika d.o.o. made the implementation. The project for implementation of IBM Maximo started in April 2018 and ended in May 2019, but IBM Maximo had to be already deployed at the very start of 2019. Limited time for implementation of IBM Maximo and parallel implementation of ERP solution presented a great risk of not catching up with the milestones we have set up through the project. Nevertheless, we have achieved all the milestones on time.

Throughout the project Troia d.o.o. organized workshops for every field of implementation. Our demands and wishes were thoroughly examined by Troia d.o.o. After examination, we have received a recommendation for possible improved approaches or possible problems for some of our demands. Based on the results and conclusions Troia d.o.o. developed and configured IBM Maximo to our needs. Troia d.o.o. and Informatika d.o.o. also developed integration between IBM Maximo and our ERP solution and numerous other IT solutions we are using in our company.

After the deployment of IBM Maximo we haven't had any major technical difficulties with the solutions. Minor problems have been promptly fixed through the first couple of months.

I recommend the services of Troia d.o.o. because we were very satisfied throughout the whole process of implementation of the IBM Maximo solution. They employ highly skilled professionals who are willing to hear all the customer demands and wishes.


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