Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience combining real and virtual objects in a real environment, to deliver computer-generated perceptual information in real time. Drive improvement across your company operations with a scalable TROIA AR platform that is secure and can be rapidly deployed for different client use cases.

TROIA Augmented Reality (AR) Platform

Augmented reality will change the traditional opinion of workplaces. AR solutions will provide freedom to the workers, since they will be able to work from anywhere.

With its unique high graphic quality and user friendly interfaces, TROIA AR platform provides the best user experience for delivering different augmented reality applications. Our solution delivers multiglasses AR vendor support, smart mobile phone and tablet use, IoT platform connection, different embedded devices and multiple integrations to backend IT systems (like Enterprise Asset Management system, ERP, etc.). 

Augmented reality allows:

  • Empowered maintenance with digital content
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Early error detection and notification
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Risk (safety) and costs reduction
  • And much more

As EAM specialists we decided to deliver clients integration of innovative AR technology and client’s EAM or other information systems. Doing that, we are combining the advantages of AR technology to create a powerful advanced tool for interpreting and visualizing data. 

Furthermore, AR is a way to deliver all the right information in one screen, connecting physical and digital world.



AR provides useful, relevant information or elements, related to what is around us. It is able to understand the user's real environment and properly add information to enrich anything around it. It has the capacity to recognize objects, places, buildings and adding additional important information next to the recognised objects (real time data about machine conditions, weather data, etc.). 

AR enables viewing and manipulating with 3D Objects, BIM models and enables easier understanding of complex concepts. AR can display things that would be hard to physically move, whether because they're rare, too big to transport, too small to see, or even nonexistent (not manufactured yet). AR brings the customer new possibilities for their prototypes or enrichens customer experience of their products.  

AR delivers workers interaction, being able to practice and perform actions safely. The workers can now practice job tasks in virtual environments but in a real case scenario and environment. Step by step guidance from AR glasses brings the right information to perform the required work tasks. 

AR supports real time communication between field workforce or workers outside the company and workers within the company. Real time remote support, extended with a live stream of environment as seen by the workers, allows experts to cooperate with technicians and help with manuals, digital drawing feedback and conversations. All interactions happen in real-time, which helps shorten the time for system or machine outages and substitutes the lack of skilled workers. 

Technological innovations and developments are increasingly popular with users and potential customers. A company or brand that chooses to use augmented reality solutions acquires leverage to gain visibility and, more importantly, a certain image. By taking advantage of this trend, the brand or the company can both attract new customers and establish new business partnerships with its existing customers. 



How well do you know augmented reality?

Read our White Paper - AUGMENTED REALITY: Next Step in Business Process and get a detailed view on AR technology and how it can contribue to your company.

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. 



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