EUROPEAN UTILITY WEEK in Vienna was a success!

European Utility Week is a great platform for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe.It is the place for all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss, and this year, counting over 13.000 smart energy professionals, we were able to succesfully introduce our products and solutions and have many meaningful and constructive dialogues.

EUROPEAN UTILITY WEEK in Vienna was a success!

EUW 2018 took place form 6-8 November in Vienna, where visitors from 100 countries had the opportunity to attend a 3-day programme, exploring four key areas in European energy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation, Energy Markets and Innovation. It is the place where the entire community of smart utility professionals meets to seek out solutions, sign new partnerships and build on relationships that will affect business models for the better.

As part of the market, making face-to-face connections with smart energy leaders, key influencers, new market entrants and the worldwide global industry, was one of the key benefits of attending Europe's leading smart utility event for us. Our main focus at EUW, was presenting our own T-SENSE AR Platform – an augmented reality (AR) web platform, connecting EAM, ERP, IoT platforms and other related background systems with AR smart glasses.We were able to demonstrate in person, how the T-SENSE smart platform works, paired with AR glasses, that connect to the existing information infra-structure of the company (systems and applications) making it a great tool for educating employees for a variety of tasks.

Innovation underlined every element of the show with a particular focus on connecting people from all levels of the utility value chain from start-ups to technology giants and from senior-level experts to young talent.

European Utility Week in Vienna was definetly a great way to connect and learn as well as educate, which was our main intention.

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