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Troia supporting young local talent - Črt Ikovic

Supporting young local talents is a big part of Troia. Črt Ikovic is one of those young talents we believe in and we are proud to, at least in a small way, help him achieve his full potential.

Troia supporting young local talent - Črt Ikovic

The best local snowboarder fell in love with the sport when he was only 7. Now, 22 years old, he started this season with flying colors. Performing at two parallel giant slaloms at European cup in Hochfungen, Črt came in 14th in the first run, and 8th on the second, which is the best start of a season for the young snowboarder, so far.

»I've never started the season as good, so I am very happy with both classifications. Especially since giant slalom is not where I am strongest, it's slalom,« told Črt.

At a younger age, he tried skiing, but I didn't grow on him as much. Now he knows, he will be snowboarding for as long as possible. Mostly he competes in European cups but is also the only local snowboarder (from Koroška region) that ever performed at the world cup in snowboarding.

So, we are proud to support him in the way of sponsorship and we can't wait to see all he has yet to achieve.

Have a magnificent season, Črt!

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