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Grant for research and development projects goes to Troia

TROIA received a grant within public call for “Grants for research and development projects 2”, co-financed by Ministry of Economic Development and Technology for TROIA’s innovative project “Intelligent platform T-SENSE”.

Grant for research and development projects goes to Troia

People want to be constantly well informed. Technology has made sure that relevant information can be literally in front of our eyes, for us to use for work and decision-making. At Troia, we are developing solutions that, coupled with smart glasses for augmented reality, deliver a significant increase in productivity.

Receiving the grant for research and development projects will let us fulfill the main purpose, which is the development and global commercialization of the innovative intelligent platform T-SENSE, cloud-based Augmented Reality web platform connecting EAM, ERP, IoT platforms, GIS and other related background systems with AR smart glasses. It is a breakthrough product that provides a safe, reliable and economically manageable system for smart network maintenance.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and gives us a great opportunity to develop and improve our work and build on a solution for all companies, who want to see a significant increase in productivity in a wide range of environments. 

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