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TROIA TALKS: IT consultant Natalija Nabernik

Get to know our employees and see what it is we actually do at Troia. We decided to monthly share with you our stories, experiences and our work, throught the eyes of our employees. See what Natalija Nabernik, one of our IT consultants, wrote about her work at Troia and what she's been involved in.

TROIA TALKS: IT consultant Natalija Nabernik

I joined the Troia team a year ago, as an IT consultant, which includes communication with customers, analyzing existing and planned business processes, designing a solution based on the client requirements, user training and offer on-site support when they go-live with the new IT system.

We begin with the review of all company processes, together with the customer. The consultant then makes design and presents to the customer how IBM Maximo will cover the key processes in the company. The existing work process can change with the implementation of the new IT system, so the consultant needs to find a balance between the existing system and the new adaptation, making sure all the processes are covered and the work can continue smoothly.

In the previous months, we went through the whole process while implementing IBM Maximo in Elektro Maribor.

In March, we started with workshops, organized by IT consultants and Project managers in cooperation with key users at Elektro Maribor, to determine the grounds for successful execution, how to work with investment projects, projects for market and how they manage their maintenance of the existing assets. At that moment, the biggest challenge was doing the analysis of all processes, together with the customer, since they were only familiar with their current work and the implementation of new IT systems meant quite a big change for them. After the solution design, there was a period of development and internal testing, followed by a marathon of user training, data preparation and testing. Since IBM Maximo wasn’t the only IT system in the process, but so was ERP system and some other IT systems, testing and checking that everything was working correctly, was crucial.In this particular case, the cooperation was not only between Elektro Maribor and Troia, as the implementor of the IT system for asset management, but the customer process included other connected IT systems and their representatives. As a consultant, knowing the work process of external systems was very helpful, as were the experiences I gained by working with ERP systems.

After everything was set, educating the key users was the next step. Groups of around 12 people, got to know the new IT solution they will have to work with and educate their colleagues. Educating can always be quite a challenge since some users need a little more explanation, some are very fast learners and there are always those, who oppose all changes and take more effort to teach. For many of them, this is the first actual opportunity to see, how their new system for asset management support will look like. Even if there was someone, who was not entirely happy with the presented change in the system at first, they were all very accepting and it never affected our work together.

In the end, no matter what we do, the work is never boring and there is always something new to learn, that being about the content we work with or about people and teamwork.

The last assignment for the IT consultants, before going to production, is helping the customer prepare and enter all the data, so everything can go smoothly on the day we go-live. In this case, there was no problem with the preparation. When all is done, we offer support on location, so the customer has an easier transition to the use of a new system. Since we started the production a month ago, the consultants go to Elektro Maribor every day, to offer support. The first 14 days that meant 3 consultants every day, now we are down to 2 a day, making sure we are there if our help is needed.

During the projects we create bonds. The longer the projects last, the tighter the bonds and the relations warm-up, creating team spirit and connection between both companies and especially between the consultants. It all contributes to a positive work environment, which makes it easier and makes me happy to do my job.

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