Troia at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

From 4th until the 7th of March, Troia is in London, attending the Gartner Data & Analitycs Summit, where over 1500 attendees have the opportunity of listening to speakers from all over the world covering cutting-edge topics, like analytics and business intelligence, data science, artifical inteligence, advanced data analytics and many others.

Troia at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

The sold-out event can help spur new ideas, fast-track project strategy and execution and advance professional skils, all which we know is important in our line of business.  It is a great opportunity to interact with and learn from analysts, peers and exhibitors, as well as share our vision and work, which we are always prepared to do.

Read more about the event: https://gtnr.it/2BwIn3J

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