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[FINALISTS] In the final 5 for innovative ideas!


The Next-Incubator is the innovation platform of Energie Steiermark and with their client, the Green Power GmbH, they hosted a bootcamp today, for the final 5. And Troia was there.

[FINALISTS] In the final 5 for innovative ideas!

The final 5 chosen companies, of many who introduced their software solution for »Digitalized Operational Management«, had their opportunity to present their innovative solution, which gave them the place in the final 5. 

Each of the five companies held a 15-minute presentation, giving it all to persuade the jury, that their solution is the one to choose.

An interdisciplinary jury of Energie Steiermark experts will identify the most promising solution for the Green Power GmbH and make their decision by 6.6.2019.

We'll keep you posted.

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