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[EVENT] IBM IoT Exchange 2019 in Berlin


This week, we joined many other specialists from all over the world and our clients, at the IBM IoT Exchange event in Berlin, Germany.

[EVENT] IBM IoT Exchange 2019 in Berlin

All attendees, present at the IBM IoT Exchange this week, will get the opportunity to learn how industry-tested solutions from IBM and partners have solved the most critical IoT challenges facing companies today. Much like a university, this unique event is structured into three dedicated academies focused on IBM Maximo®, IBM Engineering and IBM IoT Platform. 

It is a chance to explore transformative client stories and best practices, experience hands-on showcase solution center and network with thought leaders, peers and practitioners, getting new perspectives and new ideas, as well as sharing our work with other attendees. 

These events drive us to explore, learn and grow, to make sure we are always on top of things and at our very best.

But this week, we were not only here to learn, but to present. Roman Tomažič, from company ELES, presented Implementation of Asset Health Index, the project that was carried out by Troia. Through the presentation of the project, he explained the reasons for the decision, the work process and the advantages of the implementation and our work together.

Learn more about the event at https://bit.ly/2XupmvW and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the interesting debates in Berlin.

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