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[SURVEY] Augmented Reality in Energy and Utilities

At the 2019 PIES conference, we checked out how much knowledge about augmented reality there is in Energy and Utilities Companies. These are the results of the survey.

[SURVEY] Augmented Reality in Energy and Utilities

We have all seen Augmented Reality, we just don't know that's what it is

The question »How well and how much do you know about augmented (AR) / mixed (MR) reality« was in 22% answered with »What is that?«

That percentage would be much lower if all the participants were reminded of the very well known game – Pokemon GO, that got a lot of attention a couple of years ago, not only from those who played but those who themselves did not run after imaginary animated creatures. That was augmented reality – combining real and virtual elements in a real environment.

Of course, augmented reality or TROIA AR Platform has nothing to do with gaming. It is an intelligent web platform, connecting augmented reality with real-world IT systems for asset management and other related background systems sending data to AR glasses, smartphones and tablets. The main purpose of using AR technology is improving work environment and tasks with information, that helps employees do their job better, faster and more precise.

So why aren't there more companies using AR technology?

We can see from the survey results, that all 63% of participants don't know a business process case in their company for which the use of augmented reality would bring added value. Consequently (second question) 75% of the survey participants are not thinking about introducing augmented reality into their company.

So what are the key advantages of implementing augmented reality and why all companies should already be thinking about it?

  • workmanagerEarly error detection
  • More reliable asset maintenance
  • More reliable fieldwork performance
  • Easier inventory of assets
  • Employee education for different tasks


Are you thinking of using augmented reality in your company?

Our survey shows, that most companies are still not thinking of augmented reality solutions as their next step, yet the percentage is rising quickly. Companies are now aware of how important it is to grow in parallel with technology and how important effective asset management is for business process optimization.

Therefore – if you are not familiar with AR technology or you're just not sure how and how much your company could benefit from it – contact our specialist and get the necessary information to make the next step in your business.


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