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[Rome, Italy] Veni, vidi, vici!


We certainly started 2020 on a high note! Over 100 projects have been pooled by Next Energy as part of the Call for Ideas and the Call for Growth. Of the 80 companies, submitted to the Call for Growth, we were in the 11% entries which were submitted by non-Italian companies.

[Rome, Italy] Veni, vidi, vici!

Next Energy is Terna's program developed in collaboration with the Cariplo Foundation and Cariplo Factory which identifies and grows the most innovative ideas and projects in the energy sector.

After yesterdays’ final presentation, we were selected as one of the 5 companies who are able to offer innovative and practical solutions to the activities of specific interest to company Terna, opening us to create new business opportunities.








We aligned our solutions with Terna's strategic goals and presented our APM (asset performance) and AR (augmented reality) solutions, which proved to be exactly what the company is looking for in the new partner.

We look forward to starting our collaboration and building new partnerships and we'll keep you updated as we start our first journey toward the Italian market.

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