Empower your mobile workforce with a next-generation mobile solution!

Mobile applications have been reshaping business for years now. With 10 billion mobile devices forecasted to be in use by 2020, the proliferation of mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way people think, work, act and interact. Mobile applications, or “apps,” enable people to be more productive from virtually anywhere. In fact, 92 percent of organizations believe that the failure to adopt such apps will put them at a competitive disadvantage.

Empower your mobile workforce with a next-generation mobile solution!

With the help of smart mobile devices, organizations of all sizes can get the right information to the right people at the right time to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the costs and complexities of daily operations. Typically, organizations are forced to purchase mobile apps from multiple vendors—without a centralized way to manage and maintain them. While some organizations develop their own mobile apps to have more control, managing apps and ensuring their security across the entire mobile environment can be difficult without an integrated approach.

IBM Maximo® Anywhere is a next-generation mobile solution that integrates capabilities from all your asset and facility management solutions, providing a single-vendor product for improving productivity in the field. And it works even when users are disconnected. Maximo Anywhere delivers instant access to work and asset-related data from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

With Maximo Anywhere mobile apps, mobile workers can work online and offline. When the worker is online, the app is connected to the server, and data is synchronized in real-time. When the worker is offline, the app is disconnected from the server but remains operational. The worker can continue to work with secure data collections that are stored on the device. Data is synchronized when connectivity is restored.

Maximo Anywhere Mobile Applications:



View and act on a work order and related data for daily job tasks.




Examine and approve work orders, approve and view work.




Detail list of assets and locations that need to be inspected.




Provide platform for any user to enter service requests.




Act on critical asset attributes including meter readings.




View, reconcile and perform actions on audited assets.




Access inventory items to perform physical counts.



Utilize inventory usage to consume and move inventory items.



Monitor and track the balance of inventory items and tools.


Anywhere’s next-generation mobile platform utilizes REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).   

REST APIs are stateless

Their fault-tolerant features prevent a user from losing their connection or unsaved data in cases of server crashes.

REST APIs are efficient

They directly communicate to the Maximo Server and do not utilize an RMI layer. Bypassing  RMI improves resource utilization and minimizes network traffic.

REST APIs are built for growth

The REST API architecture is built solidly on a foundation supporting containers – enabling continued technology growth.

Your employees will be able to:

● Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected

● Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices

● Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure trusted transactions

With Maximo Anywhere, mobile workers can access the data they need regardless of their network connectivity. When connected, they can update work in the field and access data in real-time, thus providing instant feedback on job progress and asset conditions. When disconnected, they can still transparently access data from an intelligent database stored on their devices.


For more information on IBM Maximo Anywhere, contact us at info@troia.si.

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