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TROIA webinars

Save the dates for TROIA webinars and join us in exploring AR (augmented reality) and EAM (enterprise asset management).

TROIA webinars



Monday, 22.6.2020, 13.00 - 13.45 (GMT +2)

Asset management - basics

The goal for every organization in lowering costs and increase the availability of key assets. Effective asset management enables preventive, regular, and unpredicted maintenance and helps meet those goals in the long run. Get familiar with the options for optimal asset management for your company and how to gain a comprehensive overview of all types of assets.



Wednesday, 24.6.2020, 13.00 - 13.45 (GMT +2)

Asset management in practice

How companies cope with asset management and how the capacity and lifespan of complex assets can be increased? Get a view of asset management in practice and the results of companies that already use comprehensive asset management solutions to manage key assets.



Tuesday, 30.6.2020, 13.00 - 13.45 (GMT +2)

AR (augmented reality) – Where to start and AR in practice

Introduction to the world of augmented reality, how it works, and how it can affect your business processes. What can you expect for your company with the use of AR and which companies already use the technology? Get a clearer picture of using augmented reality to enhance operations in your organization.



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