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The history of the future: How AR started and where it’s headed

Over the last 50 years, augmented reality technology has reshaped the way we consume content in the real world. In many ways, it may seem like we’re just getting to know about it, but it was actually invented all the way back in 1968, with Ivan Sutherland’s development of the first head-mounted display system. However, the term ‘augmented reality’ wasn’t coined until 1990 by Boeing researcher Tim Caudell.

The history of the future: How AR started and where it’s headed

As we became increasingly dependent on our mobile devices, the adoption of augmented reality technology began to rise. AR software advances will be the way forward as the overwhelming majority of consumers have a smartphone and already take it everywhere with them, making it a convenient medium to bring AR to nearly every consumer, for personal as well as (or even more) business use.


AR is already showing it’s potential to be absolutely huge! It has shown its characteristics for being the ultimate training tool. It also has numerous other positive effects on businesses. A whole different dynamic can establish itself in the workplace, with computer graphics being brought to life with superimposed images. Investing in augmented reality is a long-term investment, but the turnaround on investment will be noticed immediately.



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