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Manage, schedule, and assign work with Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler software enables you to view and schedule work orders and tasks, with better prioritization, optimal resource usage, decreased asset downtime and efficient work planning.

Manage, schedule, and assign work with Maximo Scheduler

Why and when do you need it?

  • When you have critical assets to manage, but you are unable to schedule work orders

  • If you are unable to schedule work orders against resource availability

  • If you want to identify and manage resource load and availability for optimal resource usage

  • When you want to view and manage work schedules, progress toward completion targets, and dynamically adjust for changes in resource availability

  • When you want to manage dependencies between work orders and tasks

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler is a collection of applications, designed to help you manage your upcoming work in Maximo.

You can manage upcoming work and assignments by creating schedules. By using the graphical view, maps, and calendars, you can see the work and resource requirements that are in the schedule. For unplanned work, you can respond to requirements by graphically assigning work to the appropriate labors and crews based on their availability. You can create street-level routes for worklists to visually manage work progress.



  • Maximo Scheduler provides the ability to view multiple work orders in a Gantt chart with the various crafts that are required to perform the work.

  • This view provides the maintenance planners the ability to compare the resource load with resource availability and to ensure efficient resource usage and timely completion of work orders

  • Maximo Asset Management Scheduler enables planners to view all open work orders on assets in a Gantt chart so that they can be grouped logically and scheduled together to reduce asset downtime.

  • The ability to view resource load against availability helps the planners to resolve resource over allocation and underutilization.

  • One dynamic view of emergency, planned, and unplanned work competing for available resources enables efficient work planning and prevents costly interruptions and production delays, toward completion targets, and dynamically adjust for the change in resource availability

road2-year road map for Scheduler/Plus 7.6.x

  • Calendar View / Heat Maps
  • Optimization for large projects


user-experienceNew features for improved user experience:

  • Heatmap for Graphical Assignment
  • Calendar resource views
  • UX Enhancements (e.g. Inline editing)


performanceNew features for future optimization:

  • Port existing optimization models to a new scalable engine built on ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio (replaces ILOG Decision Optimization Center)
  • The new scalable engine includes EAM domain data management/application & deployment management layer
  • Large project optimization enhancements

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