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Asset management for Energy&Utilities

Asset intensive organizations depend on physical assets to produce and deliver goods and services to the marketplace. These assets must be tracked, managed and serviced to deliver optimal value and support critical business functions. However, managing these physical assets can present unique and substantial challenges—largely due to the critical nature of the assets themselves. Additionally, the consequences of under-management and reactive management of assets can be even more severe, with unpredictable productivity and safety implications.

Asset management for Energy&Utilities

Energy and utility companies depend on critical assets to drive their business. While executives view themselves as running a seamless enterprise, what they often actually have is a collection of strategic assets, each with its own silo of IT systems.  Energy and utility companies have been challenged repeatedly by waves of change brought on by deregulation, globalization, restructuring, and new environmental policies.

To achieve higher corporate performance—whether measured in terms of shareholder value, revenue growth, profitability, or customer satisfaction, companies are adopting more sophisticated asset management approaches that make it possible to manage diverse and often widely dispersed assets with a single, more easily scaled, and deployed system.


Maximo APM for Energy and Utilities includes an open, integrated platform and analytics tooling to provide a detailed understanding of asset and network performance. By using Maximo APM, you can:

maintenance             Improve maintenance and plans by analyzing historical and real-time data to monitor asset health, warn of possible failure and plans maintenance  
risk             Quickly assess risk and impact on the grid, by using risk-exposure analytics to get information in the context of grid operations. Calculate potential impact to the grid by aggregating and analyzing asset performance data.  
idea             Understand the performance of individual assets within the network  
technology             Enable operations, maintenance, and finance personnel to make smart decisions about maintenance scheduling, asset replacement, and infrastructure investments.  

Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities is an open analytics solution designed to meet a wide range of current and future needs. Via data integration, analytics, and visualization it provides a detailed, accurate understanding of historical and current asset and network performance.


Maximo Asset Performance Management Vegetation Management Solution is the next step!

In response to client needs, the next step in vegetation management capabilities was taken, by incorporating the Weather Company technology into Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, to provide the industry’s first end-to-end solution that injects intelligence into existing vegetation management workflows.

Stay tuned for more about Maximo APM Vegetation Management or CONTACT US and get more details now!


TROIA team has years of experience in working with energy & utility companies, implementing EAM solutions that help them maintain their assets and consequently control and lower costs, minimize risks, improve availability, and optimize their performance.


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