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At Euromaintenance 4.0, our application of disruptive solutions to old problems was observed first-hand by leading experts in the industry.

Antwerp, Belgium – Internet of things (IoT) and predictive analytics are opening up yet unseen possibilities in the field of maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring.

Euromaintenance 4.0 – maintaining the 4th industrial revolution

Europe’s most successful maintenance conference (www.euromaintenance.org) is among the best venues for us to introduce products and solutions to an international audience of engineers, maintenance managers and reliability leaders. Visitors were looking into the opportunities offered by the new technologies in the field of predictive and prescriptive maintenance currently reaching the market.

Euromaintenance 4.0 took place from 24th to 27th September 2018, on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. As of now we can safely predict that Internet of things (IoT) and predictive analytics will bring yet unseen possibilities in maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring.

At the event, these disruptive technologies were addressed by our industrial practitioners and subject experts who presented them to an audience of maintenance, reliability and asset management leaders, engineers and operational managers working in asset-intensive industries in Europe and the rest of the world. Concrete examples of best practices in asset management were shown to present the essential fundamentals for reliable operations. Among others: predictive data modeling, data capture, data logging & storage and data visualization.

We were proud to present the IBM Maximo, a single software platform, delivering a comprehensive view of all asset types (production, facilities, transportation and IT) across your organization and the IBM Control Desk for ITSM, a supercharged controller for a comprehensive view of assets across a company. This provides enhanced visibility and analytical insight into ITSM processes, driving service improvements and reducing costs.

Our experts took great interest in the course ”Create Your First IoT and Augmented Reality Application”, as we also presented our own T-SENSE AR Platform – an augmented reality (AR) web platform, connecting EAM, ERP, IoT platforms and other related background systems with AR smart glasses.

The conference was also an opportunity to gain new information from the rest of the agenda and most importantly, our experts could make new contacts in the industry. On the second day there was a Conference Walking Dinner on the exhibition floor which was the scene of many interesting conversations and networking.

”Maintenance 4.0 from Theory to Practice in 4.0 Hours” was among the most exciting courses at which participants familiarized themselves with what it takes to implement Maintenance 4.0. IoT was also a big topic at the conference and some of the courses touched on this issue, one of which was a course on how to put the ROI in IOT which explored the challenges and programmatic approaches to recovering the money that may be hidden in the plant. On a similar note we presented our T-Internet of Things (IoT) Platform which delivers cost optimization in various industries through remote monitoring of devices and machines, predictive maintenance of equipment and much more.

Among the memorable courses we took were also ”Using BIM, IoT & Digital Twin Concepts at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol” and those on topics of Asset Management and ISO 55000, for example: ”Where is ISO 55000 Going Now?, The Asset Management Journey at Copenhagen Airports.”

All in all the conference was a great success and an excellent event. Thank you to all the people who visited us to see what we have on offer.
Are you ready to start your Maintenance 4.0 journey with us?


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