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Powering the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is experiencing its third price collapse in 12 years. After the first two shocks, the industry rebounded, but this time is different. The COVID-19 crisis accelerates what was already shaping up to be one of the industry’s most transformative moments. So, what can you do, to help improve safety and reliability, while controlling costs?

Maximo for Oil&Gas

Maximo for Oil and Gas brings together traditionally separate business functions onto a single, integrated platform, and then adds a layer of industry-specific functionality to support the unique requirements of the oil and gas industries. It builds on the strength and reliability of Maximo Asset Management, employing IoT, AI and analytics to deliver the critical capabilities. Gas and oil industry-driven techniques help enhance operational sectors, which can improve efficiency and optimize global resources, enabling organizations to focus on operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Optimizing asset performance

Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) helps oil and gas companies move beyond traditional approaches for measuring and managing asset performance. Through the integration of disparate data sources, including EAM systems of record and IoT data, Maximo APM provides:

theoryThe criticality of assets: A comprehensive view of your operational assets that helps assess which assets require priority status.

codeAsset health monitoring: Maximo APM can design a program for measuring asset health.

importPredictive maintenance and optimized inspections: An AI-powered maintenance assistant captures the wisdom of internal and external asset management experts to guide repairs and maintenance activities

Maximo solutions for Oil and Gas provide vital technological tools for an industry that faces complex and evolving issues. It helps collect valuable knowledge, improve operational efficiency, and manage and operate mission-critical assets safely and productively.

So, you can continue to evolve your operations and operating model.


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