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TROIA webinars

New topics, new knowledge, and our experts, ready to share their experience with you. Join us in our new series of TROIA webinars, taking place in November and December 2020.

12.11.2020: Your future of mobile solutions - Maximo Anywhere

With the help of smart mobile devices, organizations of all sizes can get the necessary information in real-time to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the costs and complexity of day-to-day operations.

At the webinar, you will learn or upgrade your knowledge of Maximo Anywhere, a mobile solution that combines the capabilities of all asset management solutions, as it offers a single-manufacturer product to improve productivity. It provides instant access to work and resources data via smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.


19.11.2020: Manage, schedule, and assign work with Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler is a bundle of applications, built for easier managing of planned work in Maximo.

Why and when do you need it?

  • When you have critical assets to manage, but you are unable to schedule work orders
  • If you are unable to schedule work orders against resource availability
  • If you want to identify and manage resource load and availability for optimal resource usage
  • When you want to view and manage work schedules, progress toward completion targets, and dynamically adjust for changes in resource availability
  • When you want to manage dependencies between work orders and tasks


26.11.2020: Dynamic Job Plans in practice

Dynamic Job Plans allow the calculation of the necessary resources to perform the work according to the specified parameter (attribute value, number of units).

Supported methods for calculating the required resources:

  • Static method (values ​​specified in the work plan are not recalculated)
  • Proportional method (values ​​specified in the work plan are recalculated according to the number of units or the value of the attribute)
  • Level method (value is calculated according to certain levels)


3.12.2020 ISO 55000 with assists. prof. Dr. Damjan Maletič

Dr. Damjan Maletič, who will, as TROIA’s guest, be presenting ISO 55000, is an assistant professor at the Faculty for organizational sciences, University of Maribor, and vice dean of the research department.

His research and professional work are focused on the management of physical assets, maintenance, and quality management. His bibliography includes a number of works in the field of asset management and maintenance. He is a member of the Slovenian Maintenance Society (DVS), a member of the DVS working group for AM (Asset Management), a member of the AM working group at the European Association of National Maintenance Societies EAMC EFNMS - European Asset Management Committee, European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, a member of the international association for Asset Management (The International Society of Engineering Asset Management - ISEAM) and a member of the SIST / TC VZD Technical Committee Maintenance and Asset Management at the Slovenian Institute for Standardization.





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