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New business success for company TROIA, this time in Lithuania

Despite tighter business conditions, due to the new COVID-19 epidemic, the year 2020 brought a new breakthrough for TROIA, a company that focuses mainly on asset management solutions.

Company from Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, with a little over 30 employees, has acquired an important business in Lithuania. They will implement an asset management information system for one of the largest Baltic groups of energy companies – IGNITIS Group, for both gas and electricity distribution. It is an extremely large project, as the Ignitis Group employs over 4000 employees, has over 1.2 billion euros in annual revenues and distributes gas and electricity to more than 1.6 million customers.   

Company TROIA, ranked as one of the top Slovenian companies in the field of innovative solutions for asset management, is already present in Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Greece, Austria and Western Balkans, with a large number of projects also being implemented in Slovenia.

The company emphasizes, that the year 2020 required the adjustment of plans and goals, including sales and marketing activities. The majority of the business is focused on solutions for infrastructure companies, especially the energy and utilities industry, in which they have successfully completed over a hundred projects at home and abroad.

“Penetrating the Lithuanian market with a business for the Ignitis Group is a new opportunity for us to prove our knowledge and consolidate the market for innovative asset management solutions in Europe,” said the company’s CEO Primož Sevčnikar. He pointed out, that the company is also developing other advanced solutions in the field of augmented reality and digitalization of large systems.

The company generated 2.4 million euros in revenues in 2019, and plans to further grow and strengthen the development and implementation of services, especially in the field of comprehensive smart solutions for the largest systems in the energy and utility sector. “Our primary goal is the internationalization of the company, as the business in Lithuania opens doors to other foreign markets. We are counting on the enthusiasm of our employees and the development of quality and smart digital solutions for our customers,” said Sevčnikar.

Ignitis Group is one of the largest groups of energy companies in the Baltics, with companies in Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with a total of over 4,000 employees. Their main activities include the production and supply of electricity and heat, trading in electricity and natural gas, maintenance and development of electricity systems and the development of smart energy solutions. They supply over 1,6 million business and private customers with electricity and natural gas.

Company TROIA is one of the leading companies in the field of asset management solutions in Europe, with over 100 completed projects and over 35,000 satisfied users. The company invests heavily in the development of new technological solutions in the field of IoT platforms, advanced asset management solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Big Data management and augmented reality solutions. They received numerous awards at home and abroad, this year a high-profile award in the United States – the Maximo World Award for the development of their own Augmented Reality solutions, for the second consecutive year.

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