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Visualizing GIS data in energy and utility sector with augmented reality

How well do you really know augmented reality? As the use of this innovative technology grows, companies are getting amazing results, taking the user experience and user interaction to a whole new level.

Augmented reality is considered to be the future for all-size enterprises everywhere, which especially goes for asset-intensive industries like energy & utilities. It displays real-time visuals of the world in front of your eyes (on AR supported devices, like AR glasses, your phone or a tablet) and layers on additional information from other sources — like geographic information systems (GIS) — to provide an "augmented" view of a person's surroundings.

Benefits of using augmented reality solutions:

  • Improved asset management
  • Better and quicker maintenance
  • Better situational awareness
  • Time-saving (easier and faster preparation for maintenance work)
  • Real-time support
  • and many others, that will be discussed at the workshop


Matjaž Breznik, an expert in the field, has been involved in the development of AR/MR solutions for years. He will cover all the information you need, from basic functionalities and benefits to an innovative GISMANAGER solution, that delivers integration of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with your EAM and GIS systems. Get a closer look into the solution that supports the transformation of traditional (flat) GIS data into AR/MR data solutions, enabling visualization of assets (from EAM) and topology data (from GIS) on the field.