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New technologies in asset performance management for DSOs and TSOs

The goal for every organization in lowering costs and increase the availability of key assets. Effective asset management enables preventive, regular, and unpredicted maintenance and helps meet those goals in the long run. Get familiar with the options for optimal asset performance management for your company and how to gain a comprehensive overview of all types of assets.

There are many reasons for the increased demand for better asset management. Well performed maintenance or asset management can do more than improve operations in a company. Connecting the systems provides insight into business optimization, security, and financial results. Asset management solutions make it easy to locate, use, and track changes on an individual asset. Any necessary maintenance is therefore performed faster and more efficiently, which in turn reduces costs.

Miha Verbič and Miha Plaznik will give you all the needed information on how the company's key assets and resources can operate with maximum efficiency, supporting the presentation with their experience and practical use cases.