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A new chapter in the natural gas distribution industry in Latvia

As we keep successfully strengthening our presence in European markets, we are proud to start a new collaboration with the Latvian natural gas distribution system operator GASO.

Company GASO is a part of the Latvijas Gāze Group known as the Latvian and Baltic energy market leader. The company ensures continuous and safe operation of natural gas distribution, employs almost 900 employees, and distributes natural gas to over 400.000 consumers in the entire territory of Latvia, making GASO the only gas distribution system operator in Latvia.

Security in the gas distribution system means both the physical security of the infrastructure and the provision of the necessary capacity. GASO pays great attention to the work of the emergency service, maintenance of the distribution system, and informing the public about the safe use of natural gas. Information technology systems and IT solutions play an important role in ensuring efficient operation, which helps to effectively manage the course of various processes and ensure the company's operations and business needs.

GASO was looking for a partner in the field of digitalization and implementation of advanced solutions such as the Maximo asset management system for asset lifecycle support, maintenance planning, and mobile crew management. They were specifically seeking the professional services of a technology consulting firm, to provide general support services including Maximo for utilities best practice implementation from an IT technical development and business process perspective and corporate employee workflow, process, and support services for a natural gas distribution utility operations. By using advanced IT solutions, GASO will get proper storage, processing, analysis, and visualization of all their key data, enabling them to fine-tune their operations and development, while optimizing their infrastructure investments. Advanced analytics solutions will provide them with a deeper and more detailed insight into all types of data and content, using advanced techniques and tools, that go beyond traditional analytical procedures.  

Company TROIA is one of Europe’s leading implementers of highly specialized information systems for the management and maintenance of all types of assets. “With over 80 successfully implemented enterprise asset management projects and extensive experience in the utility industry, we are confident that the new collaboration with gas distribution system operator GASO will result in a high-level long-term business relationship, which we look forward to” TROIA’s CEO Primož Sevčnikar said about the mentioned project.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) for utilities supports work and asset management for transmission and distribution in water, gas, and electric utilities. It helps increase asset and resource effectiveness by providing a platform to support all types of asset classes and all types of work. By identifying critical assets and work orders associated with regulatory requirements, GASO will benefit from regular tracking and reporting, as well as managing crew type and crew makeup with enhanced crew management while keeping track of labor skills and certifications.

The project, that covers the development and implementation of the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management system for utilities, will enable GASO to establish preventive maintenance planning and scheduling automated solution for the natural gas distribution mains and pressure regulators, which will ensure better error detection, cost optimization, and more reliable work processes.