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The launch of IBM Maximo Application Suite 8.4

IBM launched the latest version of the Maximo Application Suite: 8.4, which offers a single point of access to a full suite of asset lifecycle management capabilities. The new suite of products, also known as MAS, is offered as a customer-manager product on Red Hat OpefShift and as an IBM Managed service (Maximo as a Service, or MaaS).

Highlights of the extended IBM Maximo market-leading CMMS/EAM platform: 

  • Improved operations through better asset availability, reliability, and performance  
  • Unified asset management processes across multiple sites 
  • Extended asset lifecycles and optimized maintenance work processes 
  • Use just the applications you need with simplified licensing and usage  
  • Enjoy flexible deployment models, whether on-premises or multi-cloud 

The single platform now provides remote asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications, that enable you to increase uptime, improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and built more resilient operations.  

Maximo Application Suite 8.4 

The Maximo Application Suite allows users to sign on to a single, integrated platform to access key monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications across the business. Not only does it help remove data silos, but it also enhances data sharing with integrated user experience and shared administrative controls for enterprise-scale execution. 

What does it include:  

  • Health: Manage the health of your assets using IoT data from asset sensors and other sources, like the weather, asset records, and work history to increase asset availability and improve replacement planning. 

  • Predict: Go beyond time-scheduled maintenance to condition-based action to predict the likelihood of future failures by using data and analytics to reduce cost and asset failures. 

  • Monitor: Improve asset and operational availability with advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring at scale. 

  • Mobile: ensure data capture at the point of work for better accuracy 

  • Manage: Reduce downtime and costs with asset management and maintenance processes to improve operational performance. 

  • Visual Inspection: Perform a visual inspection of the line or asset using mobile devices to get notifications of emerging issues. 

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