TROIA AR is an intelligent web platform connecting Augmented Reality with real-world IT systems such as EAM (ex. IBM Maximo), ERP, IoT platforms, GIS and other related background systems through AR smart glasses, smart mobile phones and tablets. It combines innovative technologies and use of AI elements to understand better data from integrated IT systems and help increase work productivity and safety.

Advantages of TROIA AR platform

Key advantages of our AR solution are:

  • Multiglasses AR support
  • Tablets and smart phones support
  • Intuitive user friendly interfaces

The main purpose of using our AR glasses is to improve the current work environment and tasks with information which help employees do their job better, more precisely and faster.  


AR solutions are already used in different industries 

Energy utility companies, manufacturers of industrial products, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive and high-tech companies are using AR technology already. TROIA as a software service provider has the passion to support this demand with best solutions as a part of Industry 4.0 practices, for various industries. 


Advanced capabilities

The advanced capabilities and abilities of AR technology enable technicians, field workers and experts to repair and maintain assets with greater safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

AR technology is also an excellent tool for educating employees for different work tasks. You can efficiently inspect, maintain or participate in daily working activities since additional information is available as digital content on the AR glasses. 

Our AR platform provides

  • More reliable machine maintenance
  • Early error detection
  • More accessible inventory of assets
  • Quicker product assembly and packaging
  • And much more


Detailed presentation of TROIA AR

Video presentation of TROIA AR, prepared by Troia and IBM, indroducing company TROIA and getting into specifics about the work with augmented reality. 


Workforce and work progress management - TROIA WORKMANAGER

Supportive AR solution delivering important data from existing backend IT systems to enrich digital     jobplans, workorders, tasks or document attachments to perform the assigned work. Optimization of work process is done by finalizing all workorders on the AR supported devices when the job is done. 

Geo Data (GIS) visualization - TROIA GISMANAGER

Transformation of traditional (flat) GIS data into AR data solution, enabling visualization of assets and topology data on field. Full underground utility infrastructure (such as cables, smart meters, switchyards, shafts, water pipes, sewage systems etc. appear in your field of view) will be digitally present on the AR supported devices with extended option of adding real time data from SCADA/IoT.  

Interactive work guides - TROIA GUIDEMANAGER

Key elements consist of intuitive web interface inside TROIA AR platform, which enables preparation of Guides for AR application. New digital interactive instructions will increase productivity, reduce number of human mistakes and speed up knowledge transfer. 

Asset digital gauges - TROIA TAGMANAGER 

Innovative real-time measurement data visualization AR solution from SCADA / IoT / Sensorics. Asset information table and digital meters can be placed around assets into scene environments and will be there for you on demand. 

Real time remote support - TROIA REMOTEMANAGER

An intuitive real-time visual AR solution that allows you to remotely support technicians and field workers while following the process of work execution. It enables real time collaboration (voice, video, graphic elements interaction, etc.) between workers on site and other experts within the company. 





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