• TROIA Kronos Integration Adapter IBM-MAS-TROIA AR

    Putting the power of Asset data in your hands at the exact time you need it, with centimeter-grade accuracy.

Solution ready to support your field business 

As Enterprise Asset Management specialists, GISmanager delivers integration of innovative augmented and mixed reality technology with IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) and GIS systems. By utilizing AR/MR technology we created a powerful advanced tool for interpreting and visualizing asset data and spatial data from backend systems with centimeter-grade accuracy.  

The solution supports the transformation of traditional GIS data in combination with Asset data into AR/MR solutions, enabling visualization of asset data (from IBM Maximo Application Suite) and spatial data (from GIS) on the field with the extended option of adding EAM data and real-time data from sensors (Analytics, SCADA, IoT). 

Key benefits:

  • Real-time information on the field 
  • Reduce the risk of utility network damage 
  • Improved Asset management 
  • Better and quicker maintenance 
  • Visualize key data on a mobile device 


The solution supports integration process flows in the following areas:

  • Asset Management, Work Order Management 
  • Integration between IBM Maximo Application Suite and TROIA AR application works in both directions via TROIA Integration services.  
  • AR application users on-field could easily access Asset and Work order details on demand and get AR content overview for Assets or underground GIS infrastructure.  
  • Users could read data and also write back findings or change Asset and Work order statuses to MAS via AR application interfaces.  
  • With the key asset data from IBM Maximo Application Suite users on the field get support for the execution of operational maintenance processes. 

Supported IBM Maximo version: 7.6 

Supported IBM Maximo Application Suite version: 8 


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