We offer your company a variety of performance verification services for Maximo and Control Desk, including performance testing, monitoring and tuning. Carrying out regular performance test systems is vital during implementation projects in order to identify and fix errors in a timely way.

MAXIMO and Control Desk installation performance and testing 

Customised Maximo and Control Desk installations or any other IT solution installations can often suffer from performance and scalability problems, which typically manifest themselves during peak business usage. It's useful and smart to include monitoring tools and testing scenarios to improve system performance.

Our solution

  • monitoring of the infrastructure, application and integration pro-cesses
  • tracking of users experience by utilizing the application
  • real-time alerting of errors

It is essential to do performance testing of Maximo and Control Desk systems at regular intervals during implementation. By including this step performance bugs can be identified and correctly addressed in a timely way.

It is also advisable to monitor performance, as various changes in a Maximo and Control Desk system can have impact on scalability and performance. Patches and updates can also make problems, and response times can degrade gradually, or in some cases instantly when the system changes.


To get started with performance testing and monitoring, consider using our solutions and expertise.

SOLUTIONS TO USE: Troia Monitoring for MX


Talk to one of our solution specialists and get a better sense of the scope of our work, timing, and our process.

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