Solving The Public Sector’s Constant Pressure Of Doing More With Less

The Slovenian Ministry of Administration is responsible for providing IT resources for governmental departments and public sector organizations.


Since citizens want greater value from public spending the public administration is faced with the pressure to do more with less. The ministry recognized that providing IT services to the organizations it supports via a centralized private cloud infrastructure could meet its twin goals of cutting costs and boosting performance.


To get the most out of its new private cloud infrastructure, the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration deployed IBM Control Desk software to enable unified IT service and asset management. The ministry engaged IBM Gold Business Partner TROIA to help with the implementation.


"For the first time, we have visibility of who is using which IT services, helping us focus on optimizing those that are most essential,” says Albert Črnologar. “This transparency is also transforming our ability to provide IT support: our users can view the status of their support requests, and our service desk employees can search a knowledge base when resolving problems. Users can also escalate requests, to draw our attention to the most urgent ones."


  • The solution offers the ministry the insights it needs to ensure that it reliably meets service level agreements (SLAs), giving the organizations it supports the tools to excel. At the same time, employees can focus on their core responsibilities rather than worrying about IT.


Last year alone, IBM Control Desk indirectly enabled us to reduce our reliance on external support so much that we saved a quarter of a million Euros.

Albert Črnologar M.Sc.
Head of Services Sector, Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration

For a detailed report, download the case study here

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