• TROIA Kronos Investment Management

    Kronos investment management is a product that, among other things, enables the comprehensive management of the entire investment process, the recording of all investment needs, and the preparation of implementation plans.

Kronos Investment Management product, developed on the basis of the IBM Maximo platform, enables comprehensive management of the entire investment process, namely:

  • Planning of the necessary financial resources 
  • Recording and management of investment needs (proposals)
  • Preparation of investment implementation plans (by time period)
  • Investment implementation management
  • Template for activation of fixed assets

The investment management process begins with the preparation of an investment plan, according to:

  • Individual investment groups
  • Years
  • Quarters

Investment groups are arranged hierarchiacally. The sum of all investment groups represents the entire value investment plan for an individual year.

The schene shows a hierarchically created investment plan:   








TROIA Kronos Investment Management enables the recording of all investment needs (investment proposals). These investmend needs are time and financially planned and linked to the corresponding investment group (plan). Versioning of investment requirements is also supported, which means that the first version is created upon approval. After replanning and reconfirmation, the next version is created, etc. The versions are stored in the system, mutual review and comparison of versions is enabled. 

TROIA Kronos Investmen Management also enables the preparation of investment implementation plans, which means that it is possible to create a plan for any time period, where we most often encouter 3, 5, 10 - year and operational  / annual / implementation plans. It is possible to include n investment needs in the implementation plans, as shown in the diagram below:

The implementation plan can also be prepared hierarchically, which means that the overall plan consists of several subordinate (partial) plans. When preparing plans, we are helped by a report with which we can see a comparison of the planned sum of investment needs and the corresponding annual budget / value plan. If the sum of the planned needs for investments exceeds the budget, the plan cannot be approved.

When the need for an ivestment is in the approved plan, an investment (work order for the investment) can be created from it. The investment can also be multi-levelm which enables us to manage it more easily and better. The image below shows an example of creating an investment based on the need for an investment:

When the investment is created, the data from the need for the investment is copied to the investment, which saves us from entering data twice. The realized value of the investment (materials, workers, external services and tools) is monitored, which can be compared with the planned at any time and thus see to what extent the plan deviates from the realization of each investment.

The solution offers the possibility of comprehensive management of investments throughout their entire life cycle, from the very planning to the end, when, with the help of integration into the ERP system, it can send the necessary data for the avtivation of the basic assets, creared during the investment.  






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