• IT Service management

    IT solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated and challenging to manage. The goal is to provide better IT service quality and operate more efficiently while maintaining control of IT budgets. IT service management solutions enable you to develop visibility and control over cost and performance metrics while automating processes.

Benefits of implementing ITSM solution:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Improved integration
  • Optimized service levels
  • Easy acess and flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Boosted productivity



ITSM system, Control Desk

Our IT Service Management (ITSM system) assesses the functional adaptness and management of IT solutions by delivering service level expectations of customers.

We provide an ITSM solution that manages IT and non-IT assets on the same underlying platform, using IBM Control Desk. This solution is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)-compliant and provides a common control center for logically managing digital and physical assets and enables processes to work at the speed of today’s cloud and virtualized environments. 

Our ITSM solution distinction

  • Provides self-help for users and presents a catalog of services that enable end-users to solve potential problems by themselves.
  • Reduces incidents, problems, and service failures while effectively handling service requests.
  • Minimizes business risk, ensures business integrity with documented change management processes and provides control for the entire hardware and software lifecycle.


  • Helps ensure that environmental change to the provisioning or a machine outage does not impact service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Delivers support for service providers to help enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent IT asset lifecycle management to provide inventory management and software license compliance capabilities.


Manage all types of services and assets

IT Services & Ops

  • Automate processing of alerts to events to incidents​
  • Focus support staff on prioritized issues, context​
  • Reduce change related outages​
  • Automate requests​

Enterprise Services & Assets

  • Only IBM manages IT/OTl assets together​
  • Combined management process fixes support disconnects, lowers cost​
  • Apply discipline of ITSM  (e.g. Change) to all assets​

IT Assets

  • Reduce Software waste, license costs​
  • Lower compliance, audit risk, increase readiness​
  • Cut SW request handling costs, errors, provisioning time​

Cloud Services

  • Automate and control cloud service requests, approvals, costs​
  • Reduce service catalog proliferation ​
  • Autogenerate tickets for issues with cloud services​

Simplified user experience



  • Service Portal UI is designed for users that are not necessarily technical, have "consumerized" expectations and are "on the go"
  • Includes self-service, catalouge, requests, issue reporting, search, knowledge, chat...
  • Easily brandable to embed in client environments
  • Developed with clients using IBM Design Thinking for a seamless user experience
  • Virtual assistant for guidance

Case study: Mikropis Holding d.o.o.
IBM Control Desk

IBM Control Desk implementation proved itself many times and continues to deliver cost and time savings. It helped with business flexibility, compatibility, and connectivity of IT solutions in the company Mikropis.

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Case Study: Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration

With IBM Control Desk, the ministry gained a central control center for management of business processes for both digital and physical assets, that serve all 16 Slovenian ministries and some other public sector organizations.

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