The modern utility uses data driven decision making and processes in both operational and strategic contexts to achieve organizational excellence. We have developed the Athena Analytics platform to address the challenge of efficient use of this data, building upon solid theoretical foundation, using field proven and future-proof, open source, software technologies.

Key features of Athena analytics

  • Extensibility (implement future use cases)
  • Ability to consume both batch (tabular) and streaming data
  • Scalability (scale in both storage and processing capacity)
  • Use of proven methodologies and technology
  • Future-proof
  • Enterprise level support
  • Deployment versability (could and on-prem)

Data sources 

The platform supports capturing and using data regarding grid topology, metering, and events on the infrastructure:

Efficient use

The data stored in Athena Analytics data warehouse can be used for:

  • Reports
  • Visualizations
  • Asset health index data (e.g. transformed load)
  • Web-service based access
  • Data export to external systems (e.g. ADMS)
  • Bulk data export (e.g. CSV)
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Self-service reporting

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics provides deeper and more detailed insights into all types of data and content, using advanced techniques and tools, that go beyond traditional analytical procedures. It includes areas such as data/text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, prediction, visualization, semantic analysis, sensory analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing and neural networks. 

The field of advanced analytics alone cannot be considered on its own, as the field is highly dependent on data collection and management, as well as on a specific industry. Within advanced analytics, several other areas and technologies are emerging, which also need to be considered in development. These areas are: 

  • Data management with a full set of technologies for BigData management (NoSQL, BigData, Data Lake, ELT/ETL, IoT...),
  • Data visualization with the help of BI tools, 
  • Data mining with advanced analysis techniques
  • Implementing advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Athena Analytics 

Learn more about how Athena Analytics enables versitile analytics on metering and other data, while being extensible to future use-cases.

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