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IBM Maximo Application Suite 8.11

On September 26th, IBM released Maximo Application Suite 8.11, which marks a significant milestone in enterprise asset management. The much-anticipated solution empowers your organization with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to optimize your IT assets, streamline operations, and enhance your overall productivity.

IBM Maximo Application Suite 8.11

Maximo Application Suite offers a single point of access to a full suite of asset lifecycle management capabilities. Maximo Application Suite 8.11 provides key enhancements across the applications within the suite, focused on the user experience, industry-specific updates, and core integration updates and it includes the following enhancements: 

Maximo Application Suite 8.11 includes: 

IBM Maximo Manage 

  • New scheduling and dispatching dashboard that adds functionality for new dashboard KPI views, Optimization Action and Reports, Gantt View visualization, Assignment Issues, Emergency Work Order definition, and Emergency Optimization parameters. 
  • Operational dashboard enhancements with new additions to the KPI Trend card, the KPI Bar Chart card, and the Work Queue card along with integrated Manage and Health KPIs and builder capabilities to edit the dashboard.  
  • Maximo Mobile enhancements, such as Inventory Receiving module to process purchase orders, the capability to create and edit asset details, integration between inspections, and Maximo Visual Inspection that provides technicians with visual inferencing and insights about photos taken during inspections in the field. 

IBM Maximo IT 

  • Available as a new add-on to Maximo Application Suite. Provides IT service management (ITSM), Asset Management, and supports using a common methodology for managing Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems. 

IBM Maximo Reliability Strategies  

  • Available as an add-on. Provides best practice information and analytics to drive planning and decision-making for assets and facilities. 

IBM Maximo Monitor 

  • Capability to integrate with widely used industrial data sources including devices, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and Open Platform Communications (OPC) servers using a comprehensive catalogue of ready-to-use connectors that automatically normalize and unify data at the edge. 

IBM Maximo Health 

New functionalities now available in Maximo Health that were moved from Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities: 

  • Customer Information model (CIM) data model loader that leverages IBM App Connect. 
  • Capability to define locations as containers of multiple assets, filter the assets by their container, and show those containers on a map. 
  • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) section, including the Duval triangle and history of combustible gas analysis chart, is available for transformer-type assets. 
  • Capability to optimize asset replacement projects by maintaining or improving risk within budget constraints. 
  • Matrix feature enables users to visualize the number of assets at risk. 

IBM Maximo Predict 

  • Forecasted scores calculated and visualized in the matrix for future years are now available in Maximo Predict, originally in Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities

IBM Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities will be moved within Maximo Application Suite to Maximo Health. Asset class-specific model template notebooks will be moved into IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution. IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution is also considered an Accelerator that does not consume AppPoints, and is available in the Accelerator Catalog and on Red Hat Marketplace. 

Maximo Visual Inspection 

  • Dataset pattern insights is a new capability that automatically groups images in a dataset according to common visual patterns detected in the images using AI. This helps the user understand, label, and improve the quality of their dataset used for model training. 
  • Support for a new storage class, Object Storage; extending the storage of inspection images to millions of images. 
  • Flexibility when generating anomaly detection models, enabling the selection of an optimized model based on the available inferencing hardware: servers, edge devices, or hybrid systems. 
  • Seamless upgrades in Maximo Visual Inspection Edge, enabling the platform to be smoothly and transparently upgraded from one release to a more recent version. 

Maximo Optimizer 

Enhancements to optimization models: 

  • Support for modernized dispatching dashboards through generation of KPIs and issues identification. 
  • Dedicated policy to algorithmically assign emergency work orders with the highest priority. 
  • Supports locking of work orders during dispatching. 
  • Improved travel time computation using a latitude-longitude-based calculation.