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[EVENT] The 4th Tech Data Solution Days


Last week, Troia spent a couple of days in the sunny Umag, Croatia. Not vacationing though. But with all the interesting, up-to-date topics covered at the 4th Tech Data Solution days, this was the place to be.

[EVENT] The 4th Tech Data Solution Days

Chatbots Good to Great, Connected Clouds, Blockchain, Data to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI, Edge to Core and IoT Much More - These are listed as top IT trends by the Forbes Magazine, that are predicted to lead the industry in the near future. And they were all covered at the 4th Tech Data Solution days in Umag.

On the 16th and 17th of May, Troia attended the event, not only to listen and learn but to share our own knowledge and experience, with our CTO Primož Sevčnikar and Head of Sales Jasmina Golob taking the stage, covering the topic on Solutions on IBM platform. 

All guests also got the chance of trying out our AR technologies. With AR glasses and mobile devices, Troia demonstrated the Troia AR applications which draw a lot of attention and led to some very interesting debates.

Check out our video, to get a glimpse on our AR solutions and read all about it.   

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