[EVENT] Diagnostic Analytics Center Opening


We were honored to be a part of the opening of Diagnostic Analytics Center, which opened its doors yesterday in Ljubljana.

[EVENT] Diagnostic Analytics Center Opening

Company ELES held the opening of its high-tech Diagnostic Analytics Center (DAC) yesterday, which was attended by many leading representatives from different industries. It is a juncture of mass data, advanced analytics, technical expertise and good engineering practices, that is transformed into modern asset management by data engineers and scientists at company ELES.  

"Universities, colleges, school centers in other educational institutions are not only a source of knowledge but so much more. For ELES, it is an indispensable source of future generations of technicians, engineers, legal, economic and other important experts, needed for the successful operation of the company," they said at ELES, as to why the opening of DAC was an important step. 

Read more about THE DAC OPENING and about our TROIA AR solution, which we were invited to present at the event.


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