Ensuring optimum system performance despite COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses in a variety of ways. From loss of business to remote work, things are changing fast during the COVID-19 outbreak and businesses are being forced to adapt. Monitoring performance of the company’s infrastructure, systems and resources is critical for any successful business. Even in the digital world and especially in these times, it is essential you can address problems as soon as possible, to make sure they do not occur at all.

Ensuring optimum system performance despite COVID-19

Company TROIA specializes in monitoring operations of infrastructure and support systems, offering the removal of the so-called »bottlenecks« in your information systems and implementing solutions that won't keep you up at night. TROIA specializes in advanced monitoring systems, such as monitoring and managing infrastructure at all levels. With solutions that allow you to monitor the performance of the hardware itself, network infrastructure, VPN connections, site-to-site connections, application servers, databases, environment monitoring with AKCP as well as the applications themselves and other subsystems, enabling the entire information system to function as efficiently as possible.

The complexity of systems is still steadily increasing today. All these systems, their interconnection, and smooth operation are becoming increasingly difficult to manage without good control. The situation most companies are put in today, due to coronavirus (COVID-19), is only making it harder to keep that control and managing the complexity of all the data, business processes and all the information that an organization needs to run a successful business.

The TROIA Monitoring platform restores control and management to companies and turns the complexity issue into a transparent and efficient system, as it monitors many resources, combines them, and offers many interactions between devices and people. It also enables timely information and briefing of key administrators of different systems to intervene in a timely manner, preventing the vast majority of cases from failing to operate the critical IT infrastructure.

Use the capabilities of TROIA Monitoring platform as your solution for preventing any downtime on your IT infrastructure. Here are some benefits you will gain with the introduction of the TROIA monitoring platform:

  • Monitor hardware performance
  • control the operation of physical and virtual environments
  • manage and control the connections and dependencies between systems 
  • visualization of functioning throughout history
  • Informing responsible IT infrastructure administrators


Now, more than ever, every company needs to maintain control of their organization and a reliable business partner to help them do just that.

Contact us to get more information on how TROIA Monitoring platform can help you stay on top during these critical times.

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