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TROIA workshops: Optimizing energy & utility sector

Focused on companies in the energy and utility industry, we prepared a series of online workshops and this time, in addition to professional presentations, you can participate in a dynamic conversation with experienced presenters. All workshop participants will have the opportunity to register for an individual conversation, focused on the needs and desires of your company.

Best practices of enterprise asset management (EAM) for energy and utilities


15.4.2021 @ 10AM (GTM+1)

EAM or Enterprise Asset Management is a solution for managing all types of assets, including equipment, infrastructure, facilities, transport, production, and communication. It allows you to review, control and automate the key information that every organization needs to achieve maximum productivity.

Gregor Kavšček will talk about effective asset management solutions, that are extremely important in the energy and utility industry, where companies need a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing diverse and often scattered assets. 


Visualizing GIS data in energy and utility sector with augmented reality


22.4.2021 @ 10AM (GTM+1)

How well do you really know augmented reality? As the use of this innovative technology grows, companies are getting amazing results, taking the user experience and user interaction to a whole new level.

Matjaž Breznik, an expert in the field, has been involved in the development of AR/MR solutions for years. He will cover all the information you need, from basic functionalities and benefits to an innovative GISMANAGER solution, that delivers integration of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with your EAM and GIS systems. Get a closer look into the solution that supports the transformation of traditional (flat) GIS data into AR/MR data solutions, enabling visualization of assets (from EAM) and topology data (from GIS) on the field.


New technologies in asset performance management for DSOs and TSOs


6.5.2021 @ 10AM (GTM+1)

There are many reasons for the increased demand for better asset management. Well performed maintenance or asset management can do more than improve operations in a company. Connecting the systems provides insight into business optimization, security, and financial results. Asset management solutions make it easy to locate, use, and track changes on an individual asset. Any necessary maintenance is therefore performed faster and more efficiently, which in turn reduces costs.

Miha Verbič and Miha Plaznik will give you all the needed information on how the company's key assets and resources can operate with maximum efficiency, supporting the presentation with their experience and practical use cases.