• OIL & GAS

    In today's market, the oil and gas industry is facing many challenges. Safety remains key in all exploration and production activities, but improving asset reliability is just as crucial to creating a competitive benefit. Our software solutions and services can help you meet these challenges.

Operational Excellence

By tailoring solutions to the standards, processes and challenges of the oil & gas industry, and including specific tools and methods for different sectors, we can help your organization achieve operational excellence.

Our team is working in the oil & gas sector and has an in-depth understanding of this highly regulated environment.

Maximo for Oil & Gas

We specialize in implementing a single EAM solution to maintain your assets across all asset classes. For implementations, we can use Maximo for Oil & Gas, which is the market-leading solution in the EAM space.

Maximo for Oil & Gas addresses explicity industry concerns, such as failure codes, asset specifications, location details, prioritization matrix, regulatory compliance and conditions for work

As well as helping organizations improve safety, reliability and compliance performance further benefits include reduced costs and the adoption of better operational practices.

Our implemented solutions can deliver significant benefits


  • Enhanced visibility and control of assets, tracking of the full asset lifecycle
  • Importing of standard asset specification data
  • Providing a matrix-based system of work or risk prioritization
  • Improving oilfield recovery and labor utilization
  • Reducing maintenance costs, increasing planned maintenance
  • Standardizing, rationalizing and minimizing the carrying costs of inventory
  • Managing compliance with environmental laws and regulations, safety planning, incident management, Health Safety & Environment (HSE) regulations

Digital revolution is reshaping the oil and gas industry.



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