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Augmented Reality in 2020 – It's time to get familiar

2019 has been a pretty incredible year for Augmented Reality and nothing less is expected in 2020. Now if there's one takeaway from 2019, it's this: We're well past the early adopter phase. 40% of small to midsize businesses are currently evaluating AR/VR (Gartner expects this number to rise to 70% by 2022).

Augmented Reality in 2020 – It's time to get familiar

The development of AR has sky-rocketed in the last two years, but there is one additional fact that makes us know it will be adopted across the world in the next years. A number of studies have shown that not only companies but employees themselves want the technology. In fact, while approximately 75 percent of workers have never used AR/VR headsets or similar devices on the job, the vast majority (78%) say they are open to using the emerging technology if asked by their employers, according to the Mojo Vision report. The report also found that over half of workers (55%) believe that AR/VR headsets or similar devices will be as common as smartphones in the workplace within the next decade.

Why is it important to think about it now, more than ever?


The Baby Boom generation is preparing for – what they're naming it -  the  Silver Tsunami. Meaning that a great number of employees are heading towards retirement, and those are mostly the ones that have grown with companies and know all the processes by heart.



Therefore, by preparing for the adoption of AR technology now, companies will be set up for success as they look to replace a larger number of workers than ever before as well as be able to meet the expectations of the new workforce which demands their workplace be equipped with new technologies.

CollegeStudentsinRoo...Technology moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. With the upcoming changes in our workforce and the need to distribute training to a large number of employees, AR will allow companies to meet their goals, decrease loss in production, recruit better talent, and manage change in a way that just can’t be met by traditional training.

As many companies are getting ready for the new step – don't get left behind!

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