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The 10 years of TROIA

This year TROIA celebrated 10 years. We can honestly say we have lived through it all – the sweat and tears, the long night hours turned into early mornings and then the joy of success, from small victories to big accomplishments, from breaking through the Slovenian market to becoming recognized as one of the biggest asset management solutions providers in Europe.

We could focus only on this year, but it was… well, you know. So, let us start at the beginning.  


The year it all began. Three former co-workers founded the company in 2010. Experienced specialists on asset management solutions decided to take matters into their own hands and combine their knowledge and their experience and turn them into a company. One of the first projects we did was implementing a monitoring system for company ELES. ELES still remains one of our important clients to this day.  


  • Projects: 2 
  • Number of employees: 1 


A team of 3 was managing 4 projects in 2011. Every recognition and every project were considered a big step for the future and there were no job positions. The 3 employees managed everything there was, from marketing, presales, and sales activities to implementation, delivering end solutions to customers, and consulting. The work included setting up cables, servers, installing routers, managing server infrastructure... We started with our very first project of implementing IBM Maximo that year, which we can now say, was one of the first steps that led us to where we are today. Other projects at the time included upgrades and management of IT infrastructure, providing and setting up hardware... 

  • Projects: 4 
  • Number of employees: 3 


Our small team gave you quality and timely advice on how to actively monitor the operation of IT components and act preventively to ensure failures and outages are not reflected in business processes. In 2012 we became an Advanced partner of the company IBM and two of our employees successfully passed the ITIL course exam. We actively started attending conferences where we acquired knowledge and new experiences, one of the first was the NT conference in Portorož. Our biggest project that year was for company PETROL Energetika, besides doing upgrades for company LEK, Unicredit, and UKC Ljubljana. 

  • Projects: 6 
  • Number of employees: 5 


We started working on our goals of recognition in foreign markets by attending international events. One of the first was the biggest IBM Tivoli conference in Las Vegas. An important step in 2013 was also moving into new offices in the Business incubator in Slovenj Gradec, where we still operate today. We updated our website that year, with the purpose of better presenting our offer, our expertise, and our solutions online. Today, you can follow our work on troia-ar.eu, troia.si and troia.eu. What do you think of the difference between our website today vs. 7 years ago? 😉  

Slika lahko vsebuje: 1 oseba 

  • Projects: 12 
  • Number of employees: 6 


In 2014 we made our first step towards expanding into foreign markets, by getting our first project in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Unicredit Bank. Since then, we established a great relationship and a long-term collaboration with the company, which is still our client today. Our partnership with company Teamwork from Bosnia was established in 2014 as well, making them one of our longest-lasting business partners. 

One of the important steps that made us who we are today, was attending the Maximo Anywhere course in Warsaw. The solution, which at the time was considered to be a ‘perspective solution for the future’, is now one of our expertise. You can learn more about it from our specialist who presented at this year’s TROIA webinar – Your future of mobile solutions – Maximo Anywhere, which you can get here. 

Slika lahko vsebuje: 4 osebe 

  • Projects: 12 
  • Number of employees: 8 


The company slowly grew to 6 employees, who were considered ‘the rising star of IT’. As the company grew, strategic planning and management needed to keep up with the growth and development were put in place. Employing new co-workers, expanding into new markets, and adding on projects made it necessary to start long-time planning and setting goals. The company also went from an Advanced business partner to a Gold business partner of IBM in 2015.  

  • Projects: 8 
  • Number of employees: 9 


TROIA always recognized smart young talent. That is why the company decided to help grow new potential IT specialists by offering scholarships to students of business informatics and computing. It is a practice that enabled us to not only share our experience and knowledge but resulted in many of those students becoming a part of our team permanently. We would call that a win-win situation.  

We ended the year by doubling in size, employing the highest number of new team members in a year since the beginning.  

  • Projects: 12 
  • Number of employees: 13 


By 2017 we became a trusted, well-oiled team of specialists, getting recognized all over the world. We were attending all of the important international events, participating as speakers, and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We were already known as one of the leading experts for asset management solutions in Europe with a wide range of references. Read more about our solutions and check out our references. 

  • Projects: 13
  • Number of employees: 19 


We were recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Slovenia and awarded with the AAA certificate of excellence in creditworthiness.  

We upgraded our presence at events and conferences, by presenting with our own booth, starting with Euromaintenance 4.0 at Belgium. Most importantly, we started organizing our own events, where our partners and clients were able to not only stay on top of new trends and technologies but present their own work, meet speakers from around Europe, and connect with other specialists in the field. Our first event ‘Agile management methods for digital future’ covered essential topics and hosted many big names in the business. 

One of the biggest steps for TROIA also happened in 2018. The start of the development of our own augmented reality solutions which brought TROIA AR Platform, and consequently being registered in the records of R&D organizations in Slovenia. We ended the year by receiving a grant for research and development, helping us reach our goal of developing and improving a breakthrough product, that provides a safe, reliable, and economically manageable system for smart network maintenance. 


  • Projects: 13
  • Number of employees: 28 


We became the first European company to win the Maximo World award in Orlando, USA at the biggest event for Maximo users in the world for the development of our own augmented reality solutions.  

We stepped into the Latvian market by collaborating with company AST, implementing IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management solution, and starting international projects in Albania with company Oshee and in Germany with company GIS GmbH

Besides attending international events, like CIRED Madrid, AWE in Germany, and many others, we organized two of our own events, covering the latest topics and guest speakers.


  • Projects: 14
  • Number of employees: 32 


The infamous 2020. It started out with big plans, which we were forced to change early on, like many other companies. But we adapted. Our live events were transformed into webinars, our on-site client workshops into online presentations, our meetings into video conferences, and our team-buildings into virtual team calls.  

Instead of going to Florida to accept the Maximo world award for the second consecutive year, we accepted it from home. Instead of traveling the world to participate in international conferences, we presented our work through virtual events. And instead of saying “it’s a bad year”, we decided to change it into an opportunity.  

In the 10 years, we: 


  • Projects: over 100 successfully completed projects over the 10 years 
  • Offices in Slovenj Gradec and Ljubljana 
  • Number of employees: 35 


What is next for TROIA? 

Expanding to foreign markets around the globe, adding valuable members to our team, and of course, increasing revenue are some of the main goals for the future, starting in 2021. Our growth in 10 years is a success, but we are not done yet. We plan on expanding further into foreign markets outside of Europe, becoming one of the leading experts for asset management solutions in the world. So follow us as we make our way to the future.  


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